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What is Tongsuo?

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Tongsuo is an open source basic cryptographic library providing modern cryptographic algorithms and secure communication protocols, providing the underlying cryptographic basic capabilities for many business scenarios, such as storage, networking, key management, privacy computing, etc. It realises the privacy, integrity and authentication of the data in the process of transmission, usage, storage, etc., and provides the ability to protect the privacy and security of the data in the data life cycle.

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  • 技术合规能力
    • 符合GM/T 0028《密码模块安全技术要求》的”软件密码模块安全一级”资质
  • 零知识证明(ZKP)
    • Bulletproofs (Range)
    • Bulletproofs (R1CS)*
  • 密码学算法
    • 中国商用密码算法:SM2、SM3、SM4、祖冲之
    • 国际主流算法:ECDSA、RSA、AES、SHA等
    • 同态加密算法:EC-ElGamalPaillier
    • 后量子密码学*:LAC、NTRU、Saber、Dilithium等
  • 安全通信协议